48h confinement – American doggo W.

I have seen Mistress Selina several times in the past 3 or 4 years. Needless to say, She is the reason I keep returning to Barcelona! She is a beautiful, intelligent, and creative woman who will take you to places you didn’t even know you wanted to go. I have not written a review for Her before but that is my fault and no reflection on Her performance. My most recent session with Her was actually a sequence of 5 sessions, each one unique, all totally surprising. The sessions ranged from a Shibari suspension (my first!) which She arranged with a local expert, to a mind-blowing session of whipping, electro-stim (voice activated, by the way), and intense humiliation. One involved a session with 4 other Dommes being directed by Selina to do various things to me. They tied me to a rack with various stretchy and not so stretchy cords and each abused me with more types of instruments than I could count! At one point they had me singing soprano to a melody the 4 of them were pounding out on my body. Another session involved a role play with a sub where we were tied together in a compromising position in such a way that any movement by one of us would cause an uncomfortable reaction to the other. However, there was “incentive” for me to cause movement which would be instantly returned by my captive partner and so it went, on and on, until we reached a very satisfying ending! My other sessions in this series were equally unique and intense. Selina is very adept at reading you and creating a scene that will make you wonder if She is reading your mind. But that is impossible because She will do something that you hadn’t even thought of, but better and more devious! She is a very perceptive entity and passionate about her work. She enjoys role play and comes up with unique story lines that can give a session a feeling of fantasy that I very much enjoy. She makes a session fun for both, but occasionally makes it fun only for Selina and that can get painful! She will listen to you and then create a scene that will address your needs and desires, but with Her unique interpretation. I have felt comfortable with Selina from the very first session (Well, not too comfortable, as She can throw a scare into you when She wants to!). I totally agree with what other reviewers have said, She is a versatile Dominatrix with beauty and charm. She is also a warm, caring human being who, as someone else pointed out, makes the world a better place and is definitely worth getting acquainted with. Thank You, Mistress! I remain ………
Walker, USA
Part 2
“I made an off-hand comment once about not being whipped quite as long or as hard as I would like. During our next session She reminded me of what I had said. She strung me up with arms above my head and asked if I minded marks for this session. Foolishly, I said I would love some marks to remember Her by and She said ‘We’ll see about that.’ She then picked up about a 2 meter long whip from the table and proceeded to take me to a place that I had been trying to reach but hadn’t really attained before. Be careful what you ask for, boys! Now, I’ve seen Selina enough times to know that She has a good feel for just how much I can take, and She has good control, so don’t think that She flayed me alive and left me hanging there. But it was intense and I started wondering if She was ever going to stop! Then I reached a point where I began absorbing the pain into my body instead of just feeling it and I didn’t want it to stop. I had not experienced that before. The funny thing is, I don’t remember much about the pain, but the image of Her standing off to the side, dressed in leather pants and high heel boots and throwing that whip is burned into my brain. For the ending She had me lay on my back on the cold stone floor of the shower space and ordered me to start touching myself. As I did so, she crouched over me and began twisting my nipples, which She knows that I like. But She must have sensed that I wasn’t quite getting there and suddenly began a tirade of spitting, face slapping, choking and derogatory comments that brought me from 0 to 60 in like 2 seconds! When She sensed I was beginning to orgasm, She straddled me and I felt Her warm golden liquid spreading over my torso as I climaxed. ‘I mark you like an animal marks it’s territory’, She said. Intense and unforgettable! And yes, She left marks to remember Her by, both on my body and my psyche!

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